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Train Tanker Car

Components Specifications
  • 4-Crayon upright sections (4)
  • Crawl Tube 30" Diameter 83" Long (1)

 6' tall (to top of Pyramid Roof)

• 8' X 4' in actual size

• Deck heights Ground Level

• Available in various color schemes

• Shipping Weight: 275 lb.


At our company, we carry unique products from local designers at affordable prices. We promise you will be pleased with the high quality of our items, each one is made with great care and a strong attention to detail.

Important: All play systems should be installed on a resilient surface. Please follow CPSC safety guidelines. In addition, all non-residential applications need to meet the guidelines for minimum play area surrounding any playground equipment by allowing a minimum 6 foot clearance on all sides, and a minimum of 12 foot clearance for swings.

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