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Fort McHenry

Components Specifications
  • 6-Crayon Tower (1)
  • 4-Crayon Tower (1)
  • Pyramid Roof (2)
  • 2' Play Deck (1)
  • 3' Play Deck (2)
  • 6' Slide (2)
  • Slide Entrance Panel (2)
  • Bubble Panel (1)
  • Slotted Panel (1)
  • Activity Panel (1)Periscope residential application/ Steering Wheel commercial application
  • Tic Tac Toe Panel (1) 
  • Molded Step to 2' Deck (1)
  • Play Bridge (1)


*Note: Optional, In-ground supports are available at no extra charge. They replace the standard surface support system.  Please specify this change when ordering.

 12' tall (to top of Crayon Upright)

• 20' X14' in actual size

• Deck heights 3'

• Available in various color schemes

• Shipping Weight: 1100 lb.


We promise you will be pleased with the high quality of our items, each one is made with great care and a strong attention to detail.

Important: All play systems should be installed on a resilient surface. Please follow CPSC safety guidelines. In addition, all non-residential applications need to meet the guidelines for minimum play area surrounding any playground equipment by allowing a minimum 6 foot clearance on all sides, and a minimum of 12 foot clearance for swings.

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